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Advance Praise for ETHNOWISE

A rare blend of anthropological insight, contemporary psychology, ancient wisdom and personal experience. A bona fide source book for multicultural understanding in our changing world. Kimball speaks in a voice for our times—for anyone in search of interdisciplinary and trans-cultural understanding. A compendium of scholarly integration, cross-cultural insight and personal humor—from a life time of world watching. A truly fun book for thinking people….

Richard Borden—Author of Ecology and Experience: Reflections from a Human Ecological Perspective (North Atlantic Books)

What does it mean to know oneself as a cultural being? That fundamental question animates Michael Kimball’s wonderful new book. Cultural misunderstanding and its attendant suffering is an interdisciplinary problem. Kimball brings some of the best of anthropology, mindfulness and neuroscience to bear on this conundrum. We discover that appreciating the peculiarity of everything that seems ‘natural’ affords a basis for tolerance, cultural appreciation and ultimately, self-understanding.

Matthew Brensilver—Mindful Schools & UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

At a moment when the global tide of fear of the unknown is on a steep rise and social cohesion eroding, Michael Kimball’s book Ethnowise is a timely and thoughtful contribution. Through captivating mini-case studies and illustrative scenarios taken from an incredible array of fields including anthropology, psychology, literature, philosophy and lived experience he takes the reader on an exploratory journey of how our instincts and perspectives of the world drive our interpersonal scripts. By deconstructing the concentric circles of the “I” and contextualizing it in the bigger picture of our families, communities and cultures the reader is challenged to examine our biases, stereotypes and narratives and then encouraged in a nonjudgmental but provocative way to really think about how each of us, through increased mindfulness, could get just a little bit more “ethnowise.”

Waidehi Gokhale—CEO, Soliya

Ethnowise is an educational and enlightening look at the way our cultural biases create discord and ‘culture shock’ anytime we confront difference in our lives. Kimball’s delightful use of storytelling makes the book fun to read and brings his concepts to life. An important book for our times, Ethnowise offers a path towards greater understanding and connection across cultures.

Holly Rogers—Author of The Mindful Twenty-Something: Life Skills to Handle Stress…and Everything Else (Oxford University Press)